Private Pilot Licence.

Private Pilot Licence.


This course takes four to six months, and involves:

  • 45 flying hours and revision
  • General flight test
  • Ground school instruction course
  • Morse code tutorial

Students will be assessed by a KCAA GFT examiner.

Fee Structure

Phase 1: PPL (Approx. 4 – 6 Months) Minimum Charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
Flying hours and Revision: 45 hours @ Ksh 14,360 646,200
Ground School Instruction Course 45,000
Stationery, Equipment and Uniform 101,600
First Aid Course by St. John Ambulance 9,500
*Accomodation at Orly: 45 days @ 1,500 67,500
*Return Ticket to Malindi/Ukunda (Approx.) 20,000
*Accommodation at Malindi: 60 days @ 1,500 90,000
Air Navigation Service charges 15,000
TOTAL 994,800
KCAA PPL GFT booking 2,000
KCAA PPL Ground Exams/RT/Eng. Prof. 14,000
KCAA PPL License Application 3,200
TOTAL 19,200
Approximate Minimum Grand Total 1,014,000
PPL KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 200
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